Collectively, we’ve been watching movies for over 120 years. That’s a lot of cinema. If you are of a certain age, then you remember a time when it cost very little to get into a movie. Of course, you also had to wait on long lines for a blockbuster because there were no advance tickets sales or reserved seating. How did we ever survive? Today, going to the movies remains an extremely popular form of entertainment. It’s also a very expensive proposition. If you factor in the tickets, the concession and the parking you’re looking at least dropping close to $100 and that doesn’t include going out to dinner before the show. That is why money saving hacks for going to the movies are so vital. Here’s how you’ll save:


That would be “bring your own candy and water.” Movie theatre’s make a bundle at their concession stands. That’s because we like to snack and we’re trapped in the theatre. You could literally buy two cases of water for what you pay for a single bottle at the movie theater. This is why you should bring your own. The same holds true for candy. Most movie theaters don’t mind if you bring in snacks but for those that do cargo pants or a big purse are the way to go.

Go for The Matinee

Most theatre’s offer reduced prices for showings before 6 p.m. The theaters are less crowded and it means you can get out in time for a nice dinner. Sounds like perfect day.

Ask About Discounts

A lot of theatre’s offer discounts for students, seniors and those serving in the military. Ask what their policy is before buying the ticket and then flash that ID for the savings.

Buy at The Theatre

There are some great ticket buying sites like Fandango that take the hassle out of buying a movie ticket. However, there is a charge to be hassle-free. Even though it’s just a couple of bucks, it’s still more money. That’s why it is better to buy your ticket at the box office. Because everything is automated, you could probably buy advance tickets. That means stop in on Monday and get your tickets for Saturday. You get the seats you want and you save money. Perfect.

Social Check In

You should also be “liking” your local theatre on Facebook and Twitter. Followers might benefit from the occasional special discount or news of an advance screening.

Sign Up For Rewards

Like hotels and airlines, many theatre chains offer rewards programs. They usually cost nothing to sign up for and can provide some serious rewards for continual use.