Some of the Best Pumpkin Carving Techniques

Incredibly enough, there are many different pumpkin carving techniques.

More than just the standard jack-o-lantern. There are even more artistic options than the basic emptying of a pumpkin with the carved out triangular eyes and nose followed by an open, toothy grin. Have you considered the different types of decoration for those pumpkins you picked? Something that you like? Something that represents you right there from your front step?

There are many different options where you can approach pumpkin carving or even decorating. Some of these include:

  1. No-carve painting of your pumpkins: This may be harder and take a great deal more artistic skill, but if it is something that you enjoy, then it can show a lot about you!
  2. Follow some specific steps to carving your pumpkin when you want to complete the fully carved design. These include:
    • Cut out the bottom of your pumpkin instead of the top.
    • Empty out the complete guts and seeds of your pumpkin.
    • Pre-design your carving on a piece of paper and secure it to the outside of your pumpkin.
    • Follow the drawing to complete the carve through to the inside of your pumpkin.
    • Preserve the inside of your pumpkin with some petroleum jelly so that it will stay good throughout the season.
  3. There are additional tips to help with the proper functionality of your carved pumpkin.
    • Cut out a small chimney at the top of your pumpkin to keep from burning it.
    • Sprinkle a little cinnamon inside to provide the scent of a pumpkin pie while your carved pumpkin is lit there on your porch!
  4. Some other pumpkin carvings don’t need to be all the way through the inside. They can be the skin carved or scraped off with the copying of an image that you would like to share with those viewing from your presentation. This could be textured or artistic rather than lit from the inside.
  5. Other pumpkins could be more detailed and intricate from the full carving, rather than just the eyes, nose, and teeth. They can be angled and facially expressed, providing for a little bit of response from those approaching your home for trick-or-treating or other events!

With all of these, you have the ability to entertain everyone who may come upon your front door. The pumpkins decorating your place for the fall can last quite a great deal of time, being the entire fall decor for the exterior of your home. It can be a completely entertaining activity to complete together with the kids, from going to pick pumpkins to draw the designs and carving them out.