As a woman, you know the importance of watching for any abnormalities in your health. You know of the importance of mammogram testing upon entering your 40s and feeling for lumps regularly.

But, there are plenty of other unusual signs of breast cancer that may appear without recognition.

Unfortunately, there are many more signs of breast cancer than the simple lumps that we are taught to look for as young women. Any number of simple changes in the appearance of your breast could be something to take notice of and bring to the attention of your doctor as well.

Some of these are as follows:

  • Changes in breast size
  • Dimpled, scaly, or inflamed skin on the breast
  • Breast pain during or after menopause
  • Itchy, scaly, or rash on nipples
  • Red spots or blotches on your breasts
  • Unusually warm skin
  • Inverted or puckered nipples
  • Swelling, tenderness, darkness, or redness on the breast
  • Strange tickling sensation
  • Breasts appear veiny
  • Sensitivity or easily irritated
  • Your armpit is sore (without it being from exercise)

Many of these may not be easily noticed, or they may be minor issues that could appear occasionally. It could be good to keep notice of any slight change in the appearance or feeling of your breast that may bring a question at all. The notice of any slight effect like these would be a good reason to bring a question to your doctor or at least ensure that you get a mammogram to tell if there is a negative problem.

Even more so, more serious problems could arise that would be more noticeable to attend an immediate doctor appointment and test. Some of these include:

  • Discharge or leaking
  • Bloody discharge
  • Swollen lymph nodes (a general cancer symptom)

With any of these, there could be definite signs to attend your OB-GYN right away to get a mammogram and receive more immediate results. No matter what, if you ever face a symptom or sign that brings up a question that you wonder for any reason that breast cancer may be oncoming, it is best to visit your doctor right away for some tests. Never leave it to the side.