In 2017, consumers spend over $9.1 billion on Halloween. That is a billion more than what was spent the year before and there is no sign that this trend is slowing down. Halloween is big business. It’s also a very “active” holiday with everyone dressing up and trick or treating. If you’ve got a little one hitting the trick or treat trails, then here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:

What To Wear

Picking the right Halloween costume is a major decision for every kid. Sometimes mom and dad like to get involved by picking for them or creating the outfit themselves. It’s good idea to think about costumes in the dark and all that walking. Any outfit that is bright or reflective can be a boost. Shoes should fit well and costumes should be short enough to prevent tripping.

Masks can be fun but they can also limit eyesight. That is why non-toxic makeup might be a better alternative. Before you put on makeup, apply a little on their arm the day before just to insure there won’t be an allergic reaction on the big day.

If you’re buying a costume, then it should be flame resistant. And any “prop” like a sword or cane shouldn’t be long or sharp. Always think about how many times your kid takes a tumble throughout the week!

A lot of these rules can apply to adults dressing up, too with one very important addition: Avoid decorative contact lenses. That cool look from “cheap” contacts isn’t worth it. If you really want unique lenses, then get them from an eye care professional.

A Safe Home

If you’ll be home with a bowl of candy, then you want to make sure your front yard is clear of anything that kids might trip over. Don’t assume they’ll all be using the sidewalks! Be sure you home is well lit and sweep the sidewalk of any wet leaves. Finally, if you have a dog, then it might be a good idea to keep them in a secure room for the duration. Even if they’re friendly, they could still get scared at some of those “ghouls” showing up at the front door.

On the Trick-or-Treat Trail

Parents should always go with their young kids on the trick-or-trick trail. They should also bring a flashlight and a fully charged cell phone. The only homes to visit are those that have some level of Halloween decorations up. And unless you know the homeowner, you should never go inside even if it looks like a party is going on.

Adults and kids can have fun on Halloween by making sure to stay safe.