The vacation fun begins with planning. There are plenty of folks who have a bucket list of travel destinations that they’d like to see. Others have those traditional spots that they return to each year. Then there is the undecided. These are the people who know they want (need!) to go on vacation but they just aren’t sure where to go. If that describes your current vacation vibe, then you might want to …

Consider ones of these terrific spots in the U.S. for your next trip:


At first glance, Memphis might seem a bit run down, but don’t let that rough exterior dissuade you. This remains a happening town if for no other reasons than the food and the music. You can expect to sample a lot of great blues and C&W in Memphis. As for the food, BBQ is the way to go and they’ve got plenty of that Memphis style of slow-cooked in a pit that brings out all the flavors. You’ll also find a vibrant waterfront scene. Plus, no trip to Memphis would be complete without a stopover to Graceland.


Austin is Texas town you’ve probably heard about but never gave a second thought to visit. You should. The numerous hiking and biking trails will help fill up your days while the dozens of funky bars and honky-tonks to fill up your night time. There is also an amazing food truck population offering the kinds of memorable meals 4-star restaurants would be jealous of. The University of Texas Austin Campus gives the town a boost of youthful energy that makes this an ideal spot for a vacation.

New Orleans

Did you miss Mardi Gras? No worries. New Orleans is a great town to visit outside of its most popular festival. In fact, you might have a nicer time far from the maddening crowds of Mardi Gras. You’ll still be able to visit those amazing eateries and shops that make up the French Quarter. There are art galleries galore and the music can’t be beaten. It might not be the best destination for kids but for couples, this is a must-visit kind of town.


If you’re a frequent flyer, then you’ve problem flown through Chicago more than once. The next time you should consider getting off the plane and staying for a while. Chicago has plenty to offer from world-class art museums to an awesome aquarium. There is also the authentic deep-dish pizza to sample. The best time to see Chicago is in the spring or fall. You want to take full advantage of Millennium Park and the Navy Pier.


Savannah is the town that takes it slow. You’ll be surrounded by Southern charm with the streets lined with Spanish moss-covered trees and large parks. There are a bustling waterfront scene and plenty of comfort food. If quiet relaxation is your ideal vacation, then Savannah is the place for you.