The 7 Most Common Things Your Cat is Trying to Tell You

Most likely, your cat is a beloved member of your family. They offer the love and support that came from many years with the kids during their childhood, your spouse before their passing, or any other who has slipped out of your life. You likely question some of the most common activities of your cat and what they mean, whether it may be pooping or peeing in the house, missing the litter box, rubbing up against you, and many others.

7 Things Your Cat is Usually Telling You

First, it is important to know that cat communication is not as easy to understand as a dog’s. Some vets state the fact that cats are more likely to live life on their own terms, even in the way they tell you what they want. She makes high-pitched chirping or howling noises – This often means that she has just seen something exciting or stimulating outside, something like a bird or lizard that a mother cat may typically warn her babies against.

Extends her claws: This could be for a couple of reasons, sometimes used in the same way that is done when a kitten kneads milk from its mother. Other times, putting her paws out and extending claws rhythmically may be done in anger, fear, cleaning, scratching, or many other uses. So, while claw removal is common in cats, with the number of functions they serve for your little one, it is likely better to continue with regular trimming of them so your cat has her claws for future use.

Rubs up against me: Similar to a dog, cats still want to rub their scent on you, marking their territory. You belong to them, as does your attention.

Cleans herself after you pet her: You may have a perfume or other scent that she doesn’t like. It could even be something as simple as bringing home the scent of other animals when you come home. She’s jealous! So, this may not be anything she is saying about your personality but about how she doesn’t like the way you smell right now.

Lies on your things while you are using them: You may be doing something like folding clothes, and your cat comes up and lays on the pile. To her, this is a clear statement that she is feeling ignored and has reached her breaking point.

Pees outside the litter box: This typically happens when there are multiple pets (or at least cats) in the home, and she has to compete for her turn to go to the bathroom. Remember those days as a kid? Well, she’s whining to you just like kids do to their parents when a brother or sister is hogging the bathroom for long periods of time.

The PURRS: This is the best way to see that your cat is happy and comfortable. If you think about it, this is like her smile.

The “meow”: That is the PERMANENT cat word. This is the most basic call out for your attention, and maybe that they want to play, need food, or other basic, daily needs. Always remember, that if your cat is meowing louder than normal, or more often, it might be a good idea to follow and see if she leads you to something important you should find.