You could be living in a money-making environment and not even know it. A spare room in a home can generate extra income for a homeowner. That can help with paying down the mortgage and taking care of bills. Does this mean you’ll be taking on a roommate? In essence, yes but that’s not a bad thing. Along with the extra money, you’ll have an opportunity to make a friend. It can also be an added level of security to have someone else in the home to take care of things.

Not ever room rental has to be long term. If you happen to live in a desirable location, then you might discover that your room is best used as a temporary rental. Renting a room doesn’t mean you have to provide food or linens, just the basic utilities. Once the decision has been made, the question then becomes how to generate that income? As with all things in life, the answer is found online. Here are some of the websites that can help you rent out that spare room:


Craigslist is the online version of the classified ads. Instead of being for just one location, there are Craigslist portals for every city in the country and around the around the world. Craigslist provides a “masked email” form of communication. The responses to the ad you’ll place will be forward to your designated email account but the people responding to the ad won’t know what that is. Once you’ve screen potential renters, you can contact them directly.

Senior Homeshares

Senior Homeshares is a nonprofit online service set up to connect seniors who are primarily looking for a long-term relationship with a potential renter. They have an extensive questionnaire and algorithm used to find good matches. You’ll fill out what you’re looking for in a roommate and be able to screen all the potential applicants. The screening isn’t just for preferences like smoking or pets but also personalities. You don’t want to live with someone you won’t be getting along with!


Silvernest also has an algorithm that users put to work to find the perfect match-up. Not only does it help seniors find rooms but there are also opportunities for younger roommates to be part of the consideration. They also offer a service that drafts a lease, collects rent and acts as a kind of mediator if there are any disputes.


Airbnb is the website travelers use to book accommodations that aren’t hotels. These are usually stays lasting for a few days or a week. Airbnb charges 3% and collects the money then disperses it. This is an efficient way to find temporary renters. It also means you’ll get to meet a lot of different kinds of people. It can be quite interesting.