If there is one thing that all travelers can agree on, then it is the hatred of waiting for luggage. It is even worse if you end up waiting for your luggage only to discover it has been lost. Actually, it’s never lost. It is just taking a better trip than you are! The alternative to the dreaded luggage carousel is to pack everything you need in an overhead piece of luggage. That way you can grab and go right off of the plane. Before you commit to this approach, you’ll want to make sure the overhead bag that you’re packing conforms with airline regulations. Just check the website. Once you have the right size bag, you’ll want to put these packing trips into action:

Pack with Cubes

There is a line of Pack-It cubes which are like tiny suitcases that go into your suitcase. When utilizing these cubes, you can get organized and make sure your suitcase is as compact as it can be. The cubes can be used for make-up, toiletries, socks and other small clothing items.

Buy Travel-Size

No matter what brand of deodorant, toothpaste or shampoo you use, there is probably a travel-size version of that item. Even if you can’t find an exact match, using a substitute for a week is going to save a lot of space in that suitcase.

Think About Laundry

No one wants to do chores on their vacation but getting a load of laundry taken care of means you can pack less. You just have to make sure that wherever you’re going there is a laundry. A lot of hotels have laundry services. There is probably a dry cleaner close to where you’re staying that would let you drop off laundry in the morning and pick it up at the end of the day folded and clean.

Plan Interchangeable Outfits

You’ve got a perfect pair of pants to go with a perfect shirt. Now mix and match so that you’ve got more shirts to go with the same pants. In other words, you shouldn’t pack a new head-to-toe outfit for every day of your trip. Interchangeable wardrobe options mean more room in the suitcase.

Use Your Phone and/or iPad

With the sophistication of Smartphone cameras, you really don’t need to bring a separate camera on your vacation. Just snap with your phone. The same can be said for books, travel guides and magazines. They can all be downloaded to your phone or pad device.

Once you’ve mastered the one-bag packing, you’ll never look back.