Two words make a kid break out in “whoops and hollers” and strike fear in every parent. They’re the same two words: “Snow day!” As grandparents, you might be on stand-by alert at the first flurry. That mean you’ll have to take over when the kids are home from school. That isn’t such a bad idea. No matter the weather, if you find yourself stuck indoors with the grandkids, it is a great opportunity for some fun that doesn’t involve Wi-Fi. Here are some terrific ways to turn snow day into super awesome fun day:

Board Game Round Robin

Think about the Olympics but instead of the triathlon, you have the board game marathon. Each kid gets to pick their favorite board game. You can pick, too! Then set them all up in stations around the house. The goal is to take a turn then move onto the next board game where it will be somebody else’s turn. Talk about confusing fun! At the end of the marathon, you can crown a Board-Game-A-Thon winner!

Pillow Fort

For your snow day pillow fort, you should take a page from the sitcom com Community. They had an episode where they built a pillow fort throughout the entire college campus. See how far you can extend the tunnels in your fort. Sheets draped over chairs are perfectly acceptable. Two considerations: Have flashlights at the ready and everyone needs to be in pajamas. You can’t enjoy a pillow fort any other way.

Make a Movie

Back when Stephen Spielberg was a kid, he was always making movies. This required loading up a Super 8 camera with film, shooting his scenes and then sending off the film to be developed. Days later, the film would come back and he painstakingly sliced the pieces together. Forget all that. You can make an instant movie in your Smartphone, editing included. Don’t want to make an entire movie? Think about a fun 9-second Vine to post. Who knows? You might just go viral!

Cookie Bake Off

Over the holidays, you might have gone into a baking frenzy. So much that you vowed now to plug in the mixer until next Christmas. Well, you’re over that now, right? A snow day is a great day for cookie baking. It’s also a great time for a fun bake off. Every cookie recipe is essentially the same foundation. It’s what you add in that makes them unique. Let everyone take a crack at creating their own cookie concoction. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad cookie!

The best approach to your super awesome fun day is to plan ahead. On your next trip to the grocery store, be sure to stock up on all the things you might need for your activities and keep them in a separate bin.