When you hear the word “honeymoon” you think bride and groom on a holiday and lots of romance. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there is a 1552 reference to honeymoon as being “when love starts to fade from a marriage” as opposed to the beginning when everything is coming up roses. Thankfully, we ignored that “dire predictions” definition and instead stuck with the love vacation.

Just a much thought that goes into wedding planning should go into honeymoon planning. Well, maybe not as much but you certainly want to have everything ready for your to take off after the wedding. Of course, after dropping some serious cash on the wedding, it might help to have planned out an affordable honeymoon. Consider these honeymoon destinations:

1. Florida Keys

Heading to the Caribbean sounds like a great honeymoon destination but it could be cost prohibitive when you factor in flights and resort fees. As an alternative affordable honeymoon, consider the Florida Keys. You’ll get swaying palm trees, pristine beaches, warm waters and swimming with the dolphins. Best of all, you can drive there if you want after getting dropped off in Miami. The keys are 106 miles of potential honeymooning that have everything the Caribbean has just not the hefty price tag.

2. Savannah, Georgia

If you don’t want to do the beach thing and want to slow things down on your honeymoon, then Savannah, Georgia is the place to go. It’s a quirky little town where you’ll find plenty of history, a little ghost hunting, vibrant night life and amazing Southern cuisine. What more could you want from a honeymoon?

3. San Juan Islands, Washington

This is an affordable honeymoon destination that is more on the “woodsy” side of things. You can rent cabins on Orcas Island where you can kayak during the day and snuggled up for a beach bonfire at night. On the biggest islands in the chain of San Juan, you’ll find plenty of bed and breakfast inn options, farm-to-table restaurants and dozens of galleries. Not a bad place to spend a week.

4. Staycation Spa

Of course, the most affordable honeymoon would be a staycation. This doesn’t mean you have to come back to your own home and binge watch Netflix. Instead, why not check into the nearest four-star resort. They’ll have great food, a swimming pool and a spa. You’ll get pampering and you’ll save on flights and car rentals. That could be a big bundle right there.