Would you know the symptoms of adult diabetes if they affect you? Consider that adult diabetes has been diagnosed in up to 8% percent of American. Unfortunately, many of those same people have no idea they experiencing the onset of diabetes. Without the proper diagnosis and treatment, diabetes can cause extremely serious health complications. Today, modern medicine has made adult diabetes a very manageable type of disease. When it comes to the symptoms of adult diabetes there are several warning signs you should be on the lookout for.


One of the dominant symptoms of adult diabetes is fatigue. We’re not talking about your typical feelings of exhaustion after a busy day. Diabetes targets your metabolism and causes it to slow down because of the inability to properly process glucose as your body’s primary energy source. When that happens, your body triggers your fat cells for its fuel source. Whereas that might come across as an interesting diet alternative, in reality it is debilitating.

Rapid Weight Loss

Rapidly dropping the pounds could also be an indication of adult diabetes. This is especially true when you haven’t changed your diet or exercise routines. With diabetes your body simply can’t process calories and therefore the weight drops but again, this is a serious condition.

Increase Thirst

With the rapid and unexplained weight loss a person who has adult diabetes can also experience bouts of extreme thirst coupled with increased urination. Diabetes raises your blood sugar levels which forces your kidneys to work harder reabsorbing that sugar into your body’s bloodstream. This translates into signals being sent from the kidney to your brain to “drink more.” The more you take in the more you push out.

Blurred Vision and Foggy Brain

Adult diabetes also shows up with blurred vision and fuzzy mental health. A person who is quick to temper, can’t focus and having problems seeing could mean diabetes is taking hold in your body.

If you are experiencing any of those symptoms on a regular basis, then check in with your doctor. Help could be just an exam away.