The relationship you have with your lawyer must be founded on trust. Whether you’re facing criminal charges or going through a divorce, you’re going to need to find a lawyer that is going to represent your best interests. This doesn’t mean you’ll become their only client. However, you still need to feel as though your concerns and issues matter. Selecting a lawyer is not unlike hiring any other type of professional. You’ll want to do a little research and have a face-to-face meeting before committing. Always remember, they’re working for you. Here are some red flags to watch for when selecting a lawyer.

They Like to Gossip About Other Clients

You want to select a lawyer with a proven track record of success. They can certainly discuss a court case in terms of what is on the public record. However, if they bring up personal details about a client’s behavior or actions, then you have to wonder what they might be saying about you. You don’t want your private matters open for discussion even with other lawyers.

They Promise a Victory

Obviously, a lawyer should feel confident about your case otherwise they wouldn’t be invested in working with you. On the other hand, they shouldn’t predict a specific outcome by promising you a “slam dunk” victory. Your lawyer needs to be a strong advocate and not make false claims that they can’t back up.

They Don’t Provide References

Whenever you ask a service professional for references, they are in control of that information. There is nothing wrong with them providing you with former clients who will have wonderful things to say. You can always find additional reviews scattered all across the Internet. It stands to reason that a lawyer who refuses to provide references really has a lot to hide. If they can’t even find one person to say something positive, then this is not someone you want to be working with.

They Have a Sloppy Office  

Not every lawyer will have offices in a high-rise building. Still, you need to be wary of an attorney whose office looks sloppy. Files scattered about, worn out furniture, dust, and grime are indications that lawyer doesn’t really care about how they present themselves. Now imagine that attitude as they stand before a judge or jury on your behalf. Is that who you want representing you?

They Have an Amateur Web Sight

The muster drill is going to give you all the information you need in case of an emergency. That would be any kind of emergency while at sea. It is very important information for you and everyone in your family. Plus, it is mandatory.

They Talk Down to You

No one expects you to be a legal expert. However, that doesn’t mean you should feel talked down to. A lawyer who doesn’t appear to have any patience for explaining things is someone who isn’t going to answer calls or emails. They are just looking to cash a check. You should feel good about having a conversation with your lawyer. They should also be someone who can answer your concerns and questions in a thoughtful manner.

If something feels “off” about the lawyer you’re interviewing, then don’t hire them. There will be plenty of alternatives!