According to crime statistics a home is burglarized every 18 seconds. Those robberies add up to losses over $3.6 billion. Sadly, a lot of these robberies occur because of preventable vulnerabilities in around the home. Here are some of the warning signs that make a home at risk for a burglary:

Putting a Key Under a Doormat

If you put a spare key under a doormat, then you might as well just keep it in the lock. This is the first place every would-be robber would look. Other obvious spots are above the door, in a mailbox or a nearby planter. If you want to be really safe with a spare key, then put it somewhere hidden in your backyard. Better yet, let a trusted neighbor hold onto it for you.

Letting Bushes Obscure the Yard

An overgrown bush is the perfect hiding spot for a prowler. Bushes along the side of the house, also provide cover for them from your neighbor’s watchful eyes. This is true during the day and at night. At night, motion-sensitive floodlights should illuminate every entrance point and any dark areas in the yard.

Leaving Things Out in the Open

A burglar might not have to break into your home to steal stuff if you’re leaving it out in plain sight. Bikes, lawn equipment and tools are all potential targets and they should all be stored in a locked garage or shed. That even includes a lawnmower. If items like this have to be outside, then at least cover them with a tarp and put chain locks on them to immobilize them.

Not Making a Home Inventory

This isn’t so much a mistake you make to prevent your home from being robbed but is a mistake that can keep you from recovering from your insurance company. Anything of value in your home should be written out on an inventory list. That list should contain serial numbers (if applicable), receipts and even a photo. You can even video a walk through of your home.