What Possible Changes Will We See Post Coronavirus

For many Americans, the Coronavirus isn’t the first time they are watching the world change before their eyes. Shared experiences like 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, and the Vietnam War help to define what it means to be an American. From how we travel, to buying homes or to the level of security and surveillance we see (and don’t), these are the moments and events that change how we see and live in this world. As the world adjusts to a new standard, one question hangs in everyone’s mind – what changes will we see once the smoke has cleared?

Updating the Outdated Workplace

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that the Coronavirus is changing our behavior and habits, and the workplace is no exception to that change. Even the term “workplace” seems outdated, as the physical location in which we work has fused with our homes. As companies have struggled to adjust to the new standard more are realizing that the traditional “nine to five” is unsuited to a modern workforce. With employers granting greater flexibility, it has helped to highlight that work should be measured by what gets done and the value of the work produced rather than the time spent on a project. Moving forward into the new age of employment, being the first one in and the last one out will no longer be the ultimate measure of commitment and performance.

Sanitation Sanity Check

As Americans learn to adjust to a new normal, the awareness for personal and public hygiene will only continue to grow. With health officials advocating for social distancing, regular hand washing, and the wearing of face masks while shopping, it’s become a foregone conclusion that these newly formed habits will linger once the lock downs are lifted. As we attempt to protect ourselves and our loved ones better, a new collection of taboos and expectations will arise around personal hygiene and behaviors.

Home Life over Night Life

With the increased desire and awareness for personal protection, it might be a while before many feel safe in public spaces again. As we ask ourselves, “should we risk getting sick by going out,” it becomes clear that food delivery will replace restaurants, movie nights at home will supplant a trip to the theater, and the way we date may be a thing of the past when knowing that a hookup could kill.

Without a doubt, the Coronavirus will come to an end, as all things must. We will continue with our lives with an increased need for compassion and innovation as we enter a world of rebirth and renewal.