What is your favorite meal of the day? If you pick lunch, then you’re certainly not alone. Lunch is that most welcomed break in the work day that lets you know you’re close to ending that work day. With lunch outside of the house, the choice is to “brown bag it” or step away from the work space and pick up lunch. If you’re looking for some lunchtime inspiration, then perhaps it is time to see what’s on the menu for lunch.

Fish and Chips (United Kingdom)

Let us stipulate for the record that fish and chips can get a bit greasy. Back in the day, the fried battered cod and French fries (chips) were wrapped in newspaper. If you’ve ever read the Sunday New York Times, then you know how the ink can come off on your fingers. You can only imagine what the grease from fried fish would do to that ink. Today, the fish and chips are still wrapped up in newspaper but there is a protective piece of wax paper in between. Best way to eat fish and chips is with salt, vinegar and tartar sauce. Skip the side of mushy peas.

Cemita (Mexico)

This is the Mexican version of a Cuban sandwich (also a great lunch choice). Here a sesame-seed egg roll finds itself covering avocado, pickled onions, salsa, panela cheese and a meat choice. That can other be a beef milanesa or carnitas. You can often find this sandwich being sold from street vendors and at four-star restaurants. It is that good.

Bento Box (Japan)

A bento box is less about the particular food and more about the delivery system. Unlike a classic American lunchbox, the bento box is a compartmentalized box that isn’t meant to be thrown away. The insides are typically a small lunch featuring some rice, a meat or fish and pickled veggies. You can get an upgraded bento box with sushi or tempura. Apparently, many parents get into creating bento box lunches where the food is arranged as cartoon characters for their kids. They call this “kyaraben.” In other words, they are putting the PB&J to shame.

Tiffin (India)

Rotis, chapatis, dosas… Those are just some of the Indian meals you might find in your Tiffin. This is a round metal container that is packed with lunch and delivered by dabba-wallahs throughout Mumbai. Many catering companies are in the Tiffin business providing these lunches on-the-go for workers all across the country.

What’s your favorite lunch?