Thanks to this wonderful Internet age that we are living in, all the research you need for buying a new car is just a few mouse clicks away. You can find the best price, the best features and probably the best place to make your purchase. All of those elements need to come into play but there’s one more thing that you should consider: timing. Yes, when you buy a car should become a deciding factor as much as how much you’re going to spend for that car. So, when is the best time to buy a car? Read on:


The most popular time to buy car is on the weekends. You may see many dealerships advertising a Friday to Sunday special. That might be all well and good but it can also mean those dealerships will be crowded. On a Monday, they’ll be less people out shopping and that will give you more time to negotiate with the salesperson. Yes, you want to be doing a lot of negotiating!

New Year’s Eve

There is a lot of activity on New Year’s Eve when it comes to going out at night. But during the day it is business as usual at the car dealerships. It also is the last day of the year for them to lock up their annual quotas. You may find some year-end specials that just can’t be beat. Plus, there’s always a chance that the dealer you’re working with wants to go to their own New Year’s Eve party and will hurry through to make a deal.


If you can hold out until Memorial Day weekend, then you might find a great deal on a new car. Traffic at dealerships spike at the beginning of spring, as more people want to hit the road. But those same dealers know that Memorial Day weekend is also a good time to bring in prospective customers and they will do all they can to make specials happen.


If you don’t buy a car in May, then you should hold out until October. This is typically when most dealerships make the transition from the current year to next year’s model. That puts them in a selling mood because they need to make room on the dealership floor. Yes, it will be this year’s model that you’re buying but it will be a much better price.

Be strategic with your research and your timing when it comes to buying a car.