Oceans cover 71% of the planet and at any given time there are literally hundreds of cruise ships carrying thousands of passengers on their dream vacations. When planning your own cruise, your first two choices will be “where” and “when.” Actually, the “when” might determined the “where.” Here are some of the best times to cruise on specific vacations:

Alaska: June Through August

When you think of cruises, you think sunshine, swimming on deck and tropical beaches. What about Alaska? Folks who have gone on Alaskan cruises are amazed at the scenic surroundings they get to take in. However, Alaskan cruises only operate from May through September. In that zone, June through August is the best time to cruise Alaska. Look for a cruise during the week in those months for the best prices.

Asia: November Through March

June and July are the rainy season months through most of Asia. Even though it is often raining, the heat and humidity is oppressive. That makes the time from November through March as the high season for Asian cruises.

Australia: November Through March

It makes sense that the best time to cruise Asia would also be the best time to cruise Australia. After all, they’re both on the same side of the globe. The difference is that with Australia, our North American winter is Australia’s summer. Just note that many of the locals prefer to cruise in late December through late January, so you can expect more crowds and higher fares at that time.

Bermuda: June Through August

Bermuda is one of the most popular cruise destinations and rightly so. There are plenty of ports of call and idyllic settings that it is hard to have a bad cruise. June through August are the peak seasons for Bermuda cruises. However, you might score better deals for an early spring or fall departure. Just be aware that this is also hurricane season in this area. That wouldn’t be a fun trip.

Canada: September Through October

There is a great fall foliage show going on in Canada at this time of year and seeing it all from the deck of a cruise ship is the best vantage point. The more you go into October, the cooler the weather will be and also the lower the fares.

Caribbean: December Through Mid-April

What makes this time good for cruising in the Caribbean is that it is the dry season. It is also very popular. That’s why you should be on the look out for discounts during the week. If you can be flexible, then set up travel alerts to score those openings are reduced rates.