Where Can You Travel Outside The Country as a US Citizen

With the changes that have occurred during 2020, there is so much more to consider about international travel. Especially for Americans. You may think about it from the perspective of many other countries around the world. As a nation, the U.S. holds about 4% of the global population. However, we also have about 25% of the existing COVID-19 cases and deaths to this point. So, how many countries are welcoming Americans with open arms? Let’s see what you have to do in order to travel abroad.

First, there are traditional requirements that have always existed, even before the pandemic. For all international travel you have to consider things like passports, visas, immunizations, medical information, additional fees, and conditions abroad that may affect your safety and security. Some of these take a great amount of planning and time, so if you have an international vacation scheduled, you may want to ensure plenty of time to allow for the approval of all the passport and visa applications, getting into the doctor for immunizations, and collecting the medical information that you must take with you through the airport security stations.

Second, you must also consider the specific nation you are going to. Every country has its own requirements regarding the paperwork and other issues stated above. However, in the time of the pandemic, every country has its own requirements on quarantine time needed after entering the country, testing, and other steps. Europe and other areas have allowed the readmission of tourists, but Americans are the ones that receive the most caution. Different from the American denial of international travelers back at the beginning of the pandemic, we have fallen to the bottom of the line regarding risk, and a great deal of caution must be taken when following the requirements set by other countries to help maintain their own recovery from Coronavirus.

A list of some countries that are open to tourists, including Americans include:

● Aruba
● Bahamas
● Bermuda
● Barbados
● Brazil
● Costa Rica
● Ireland
● Jamaica
● Mexico
● St. Barts
● Turkey
● Ukraine

And, these are only a few of the countries among the list of those that are open to all tourists again, including Americans. Just double-check the requirements as to what will be needed to get in and what you will have to do when you get there.

So, flat out, with so many countries around the world having made an escape from the pandemic, US Citizens are the last ones to be allowed over their borders. It is important to research this before leaving. You may have purchased your airline ticket and hotel reservation months ago, before all of this spiked exponentially. What would happen if you were to arrive in one of those countries and simply be told by their security department to turn around and come home? Something much easier could have been done without completely losing the entire cost of your trip.