Good looks, great gas mileage at an affordable price? Sign me up!

For years Ford trucks have given drivers a number of features to get excited about along with many different options to choose from. Everything from the small and efficient Ranger to the large and tow-heavy F350, there has been a truck for everyone out there who needs to put something in a bed and haul a load somewhere.

Well, now Ford has moved along into the 21st century with the many needs of Americans and the effort to preserve our planet. Along with the many accessible, usable, and functional features of the Maverick, it will be available as a hybrid as well, reaching 40 MPG in the city. Surprisingly enough, this truck is called small but is not all that small with four doors and plenty of storage for all your possible needs.

You can start with a very affordable base MSRP on this one with only $20,000 out of the gate. And then some additional tempting features of the Maverick include the following:

  1. Stronger than it looks – Small doesn’t mean that it can’t tow what you need to. Most can easily tow at least 2,000 pounds, even as a hybrid and even up to 4,000.
  2. Build it yourself – Buy and create it yourself when you order the new Maverick with all the accessories available on this model.
  3. FlexBed – A new feature that helps you decide the difference between an accessory or DIY when it comes to your truck bed and delivery needs.
  4. Plenty of power – Smaller doesn’t mean weaker, it’s still 191 horsepower. So, you have plenty of speed on the road.
  5. Not that small – A four-door crew cab and 121.1-inch wheel base along with a 199.7-inch length is just barely shorter than the compact Rangers of 2011. So, it didn’t really “shrink” all that much, and it’s still as productive as a full-size truck!

With these accessories, features, and plenty more, there are tons of options that have the drivers of 2022 excited about the new Ford Maverick. It’s available as a hybrid and can save you a great deal in gas expenses. It can also save you a great deal on your monthly auto payment with the reduced starting cost that it’s offered. So, if you could use a truck to haul your deliveries back and forth this summer, the Maverick might be worth a look!