The giant cruise ships have become like floating cities. Once on board, you have everything you need for an amazing vacation from dozens of restaurants, theatres, spas and recreational zones. Most of the ships also have movie theaters, nightclubs and casinos. What’s not to love? Actually, a cruise on a big ship can create a fantastic vacation, but have you ever considered the small ship option? You might discover that on a smaller cruise ship you could create just as memorable a vacation. In fact, it might be just what you’re looking for.

There Are More Unique Ports

The larger the ship, the larger the port it needs to dock. That can eliminate a lot of unique port options. A smaller ship can sail to more remote areas of Scandinavia and Norway. They can also get closer to destinations like Sydney Harbor or the Thames in London.

There is More Time for Relaxation

By definition, a small ship will have less than 1,000 passengers. When you consider that the average cruise can have up to 3,000 to 6,000 passengers, then you can see the significant advantage to a smaller cruise. There will be shorter lines and waits for everything especially getting on and off the ship. Certain of these small ships can be more discriminating when it comes to the age of passengers. Yes, that means being on board without any kids. It’s a choice, but one that might offer a lot of appeal.

There are More Enriching Excurisions

Part of the appeal of any cruise vacation are the shore excursions. On the large ship, you’re essentially bring those large crowds with you to the port. A smaller cruise line can offer up more enriching excursions into the local culture. That could include high tea with some local residents or a chef’s tour of a farmer’s market. You can look forward to spending more time on shore because it will be less of a hassle to board the shuttle ships.

There is More Value

A smaller cruise provides a better crew-to-passenger ratio. That will mean more attention to detail and taking care of your special requests. There could be more amenities available simply because you won’t have to wait to gain access to exercise equipment or spa appointments. You might even luck out and find free Wi-Fi!

The goal is to make the most of your cruise vacation and that begins with picking the right ship. Sometimes smaller is better.