The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure should not be entered into lightly. It can be a major transformative step that will become a part of you on the outside and the inside. That is why you want to take your time and explore all the options. Setting up consultations with a few cosmetic surgeons is a good idea. This is going to be a very personal relationship and you should always feel comfortable and secure with your choices.

Here’s what you should consider for your first consultation with a cosmetic surgeon:

Research the Procedure and the Doctor

You know exactly what improvements you would like to achieve with your cosmetic surgery. That will allow you to do some research into the procedure to find out exactly what is involved. The actual procedure won’t be a challenge, but the recovery could be depending on the type of work that is being done. You probably will have to plan more for your post-op recovery than the actual surgery.

Along those same lines, you should also research the doctor that you are consulting with. Their website will no doubt provide a lot of information about their certifications and qualifications. You will also be able to see photos of their procedure work. Don’t stop there. A little more searching online should provide you with a complete portrait of your potential surgeon. Take in all the reviews, even the negative ones. You should sense a pattern with regard to that surgeon’s level of professionalism and competency.

Write Out Questions Down

You’ll have a lot of questions about your procedure. Write them all down to make sure you won’t forget any.

What to Wear

If you are considering a procedure that involves your breasts or body, then you should be prepared to disrobe so that the doctor can provide a thorough examination. That means wearing something comfortable and practical.

What to Bring

You should bring along your medical history. This is vital information that the surgical team will need to know about especially is there are any medical allergies or certain complications in your immediate family. You might be able to fill out these medical history forms in advance of your consultation visit.

Take in the Office

When you arrive (early), you should take in the office and register your first impressions. Is this a clean space? Is the staff friendly and inviting? Does it all seem professional?

Assess the Surgeon

You also want to assess the surgeon. Do they have a comforting manner that puts you at ease? Are they attentive to your concerns? Do they explain all the options?

It might be that your first consultation with a plastic surgeon could “check off” all the boxes on your list. If there isn’t any hesitation, then you should feel comfortable with your choice. You could also have a second consultation just to affirm your first choice. You’ll feel better about moving forward when you make an informed decision.