When you are planning your first cruise vacation you will most likely spend quite a bit of time on the cruise liners website. You get to see all the activities the ship has to offer and can also make a list of everything you want to do. The website is going to be an excellent resource. Yet, nothing will prepare you for the excitement and thrill and of stepping onboard the cruise ship for the first time.

It’s going to be a fun and exciting vacation and the following is a great welcome aboard checklist to help you:

Make All Phone Calls before Departing

As soon as your cruise ship leaves the dock, you will lose connection to the land-based cell towers and connecting to the very expensive satellite roaming fees. This is the reason why you need to make any last-minute calls or texts. You should turn your phone off for the duration of your cruise as soon as the ship leaves the dock.

Check Over the Cabin

Before unpacking you should check over your cabin to confirm everything is working correctly. Turn on the lights, check the TV works, check the toilet flushes, and, also check for any bed bugs. If there is anything wrong, then contact the crew immediately. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to move to a different cabin. Then again, that could mean an upgrade which would be the best-case scenario.

Unpack Your Luggage

As soon as your cabin is secure, you will want to start unpacking and put away your luggage. You may find that they can fit nicely underneath the bed. Putting away your clothes will make it feel much more like home.

Say Hello to Your Steward

All cabins have a steward assigned to them. You will want to be nice to your steward. They will probably have many other cabins they are responsible for and know which passengers are good.

Attend the Muster Drill

Attending the muster drill will give you all the information you would need in the case of an emergency situation. It is mandatory and includes all the important information for the whole family.

Take a Quick Nap

You may already be a little tired after the excitement of boarding, checking in and attending the muster drill. If so, take a quick nap. While you are on vacation don’t worry about your sleep patterns being out of whack. There will be lots of activities to do all night long onboard the ship!

Sail Away Party

There are loud fog horns, streamers, music, and drinks. The party is to celebrate the fact you are leaving the port. Go up there and have some fun.

Special Dinner

Your cruise package will include meals in the main dining room. That does not mean you will need to eat all your meals there. On your first night, go to one of the many other restaurants onboard. You will discover that they will be less crowded as most passengers will be going to the main dining room. There’s more than enough time for the main dining room during your cruise.

Enjoy the Cruise Sunset

Your first day onboard a cruise ship is going to finish with your first cruise sunset. Take it all in as it is going to look stunning. If you get the opportunity on the other side, then experience a sunrise over the ocean. Enjoy your cruise vacation!