Easy Home Workouts

Well, in the days of the Coronavirus and the fear of a pandemic, home is the safest place to workout. There is so much to expect in the need of a workout without the ability to safely spend a significant amount of time in a gym or in an exercise class.

So, what would be the easiest home workouts? Possibly the best ones where you can workout without buying expensive equipment or learning any fancy skills? Well, the first thing to remember is that you can integrate a workout into your regular daily schedule. And, you can use your own bodyweight for resistance.

First, your core.

Some simple exercises that don’t require a single piece of equipment or online class include four basics: sit-ups, crunches, bicycles, and planks:

Sit-ups – This one is the full range from laying on your back to sitting up. Start with 20 reps and work up to 50 straight.
Crunches – Then, these are much tighter and deeper, helping you out with 3 sets of 20.
Bicycles – Lie on your back, feet in the air, hands behind your head. Cycle your legs quickly for one minute.
Plank – More than your core, this is an overall body toning exercise. Hold yourself parallel to the ground on your elbows and toes for one minute. You’ll definitely feel it.

Second, you likely want to get some cardio exercise right there at home.

There are many ways to do so, including many that are very easy. The key approach is to make sure that you keep moving for at least 30 minutes straight. Build up a sweat and increase your heart rate. You may do something as simple as running in place, some fast squats, burpees, or even dance.

There is no reason you can’t even just dance around your living room. Just make sure that you keep going!