Much like all TVs have become flatscreen TVs, it is not hard to imagine that soon all cars will become keyless cars. Although it seems like a convenience for the car owner, keyless cards have actually become a boom to car thieves. The reason for this has less to do with the technology and more to do with the carelessness of some owners. Here are some of the ways that you can keep your keyless car save from car thieves:

Keep the Key Fob Away from Doors and Windows

The way that a car thief can access a keyless car is through hacking. However, they need a signal in order to hack the car. It would be like trying to use your Wi-Fi if it wasn’t password-protected. Once you bring your key fob into the house, you want to try and keep it away from doors and windows. This will diminish a thief’s chance to amplify a signal from a transmitter. Some car manufacturers even go so far as to advocate putting your key fob in a metal box to protect it from amplifiers.

Switch It Off

This is a feature that’s not included on all keyless car sets but it is definitely worth investigating. With some keyless fobs you can press a button twice on the handset or use a combination of buttons to it turn off. That way it is no longer transmitted signal to you turn it back on again.

Put Up Barriers

Long before there were car alarms, you could find a lot of car owners using the old school carjack. This is a device they put on the steering wheel to lock it in place. They are still sold and can be used on your car when it is part outside your house or even in your garage.

Install A Tracking Device

A GPS tracking device has a 96% recovery rate. That’s impressive by anyone’s standard. Although it might not prevent a car from being stolen, it will certainly help get it back quickly.

Block the Signal

As mentioned above, some car manufacturers recommend putting your key fob into a metal box to prevent the signal being transmitted to a potential hacker. Some people have taken to wrapping their key in aluminum foil. There are also specially designed signal blocking pouches that can stop the key from being hacked.

Even though it seems as though car thieves have an easier time hacking into a keyless car system, it actually requires a level of sophistication that most thieves don’t process. Just don’t give them any opportunity!