The moment that airlines began offering food on their flights, there were jokes about how awful the food was. That might be for good reason. It is a huge challenge to make flavorful food that is going to not only appeal to a large customer base but that can also be transported and “cooked” in midair. That is why many savvy travelers often opt to pass on the airline meal and instead bring their own snacks.

If you are booking a flight, then you also need to pack up these tasty treats:

Dried Fruit Mix

Dried fruit is a refreshing and healthy snack to pack for your next flight. There are many prepackaged dried fruit snacks available in the grocery store. Those should inspire you to make up your own dried fruit mix. You can go tropical with pineapple, mango and coconut or opt for traditional with apples, bananas and raisins. Yes, raisins are very much dried fruit!

Beef Jerky

As a snack, beef jerky has come a long way. There are now a wide array of seasonings and flavors that you can find for your beef jerky fix. You also don’t have to stick with the beef. You can find jerky versions of turkey, lamb, chicken and bacon. All of those options pack a powerful protein punch. Just be aware of the sodium. Jerky treats might make you a bit thirstier but you will be packing extra water anyway, right?


Along with meat and fruit options, you can also find veggies that have been dehydrated, dried and seasoned into very enjoyable snacks. You can also bag up some fresh cut veggies. Before boarding, stop by a fast food counter and pickup some salad dressings for dipping. That’s a great in-flight snack.

Cheese & Crackers

Think of cheese and crackers as an “old school snack.” How often have you enjoyed these together at dinner parties or just watching TV at home? Most cheeses are perfect at room temperature. That means between the time you toss them into your pack from the fridge at home to your flight, you’ll be fine. You can either pre-slice the cheese or, again, visit a fast food counter inside the terminal and pick up a plastic knife for slicing on the plane. As for your cracker choice, try to pack a variety just to make things interesting.


It is nice to have a sweet treat when flying especially if you’re going on vacation. If you have the time the night before, then whip up a batch of your favorite cookie recipe. You can buy cookies in the terminal but at a much higher price. Get your favorite from the grocery store and bag up a few before your flight. Best of all, the rest of the cookies will be waiting for you when you return.