If you don’t travel very often, making your way through airport security can be about as pleasant as salt in a paper cut. Well, even if you do travel regularly for work or other ventures, it is likely still a pretty challenging issue. So, there are always some helpful tips that can help make any trip through the airport a little smoother and more efficient.

You can start by wearing shoes that slip on and off. Since you likely have to go through various security points and possibly have to go through multiple airports, this can make the pass through those checkpoints just a little bit quicker when you have to take your shoes on and off.

Even more, while you can easily slip your shoes on and off, it’s helpful to have your necessary identification right there at the front of your bag. This could include both your state ID or license along with your Passport if you are traveling internationally. Along with these, make sure you have all your necessary tickets and boarding passes available for easy access.

Another helpful hint is to wear as little metal as possible during your travel day. This includes things like jewelry and belts or even watches. It is helpful to pack these items up in your carry-on bag when you enter the airport and you can easily put them back on after you board the plane.

You also need to be careful of liquids that you carry in your bags like lotions, shampoos, and more. If you only take a carry-on bag, it’s important that you have all of these in travel-size containers and keep them together in a Ziploc bag. Keep this bag in an easily accessible area of your carry-on bag. This way they can easily be checked. 

Also, your laptop needs to be easily accessible in your carryon so that it can be checked by security as well. Keep it close to the top so that you aren’t the annoying person at the front of the line digging around your bag while the line starts to back up with annoyed waiters who are starting to fall late for their flights.

Consider these, and many other helpful tips to make your way quickly and efficiently through airport security next time you have to fly for vacation or work!