Which States Not to Travel to for the Summer

Summer Travel?

You likely have a bit of cabin fever by now, with wishes of at least some sort of out-of-town vacation for the remaining summer months. Your family may have an annual tradition that is minimal, including beaches or theme parks that have now delayed their re-opening dates due to the Coronavirus. So, the question remains about the safest states and cities to visit during this sensitive time.

Recent Spikes – Alabama and Arizona

Both of these states have been open again for over a month now, and recently the number of cases and hospitalizations have increased in record numbers in the daily news reports. While there are hot spots for vacationing in both areas, from the beaches of south Alabama to the deserts of Arizona, it’s questionable as to whether or not you would be at risk of carrying the virus back home with you at the end of your trip.

Another State in Question – California

Given the close-knit population and trouble of locations having been reopened, this state is another one with a spike in cases and deaths reaching record levels over the past week or so. It’s even been recently reported that California’s Disneyland will delay its scheduled reopening because of these recent Coronavirus case numbers reported statewide.

Without Case Increases Reported – Colorado

Having been out of the house since April 26th, there is much to say for the various national parks and mountains that draw visitors to Colorado. Some considerations for travel to Colorado include the fact that as of June 5, most state parks and campgrounds have opened. Remember that swimming areas are still closed, so staying cool in the summer heat will require a little more creativity.

Consider a Stay-cation

Well, you may have worries about some of these areas, especially considering all of the spikes that occur nationwide right now. So, your own home or hometown could be one of the best places to create your own unique vacation. Maybe have everyone in the house promise something like times to put away the electronic devices and take some time outside for fun. Go for walks in your neighborhood or simply get outside to play some sports or other games. Maybe play board games or do other crafts together.

Anything might be a great option to spend time together and break from all the traditional activities of those days stuck staring at the TV and computer!