There are many items you’ll want to include on your packing list for your cruise. You’ll need a nice outfit for formal dinners and plenty of “cabana” clothes for fun. Whatever you forget clothing wise, there’ll  be plenty of opportunities for shopping along the way. But it isn’t just your outfits that you need to pack. You’ll want some specific gadgets to make your cruise vacation go smoothly.

Consider adding these 5 items to your suitcase:

Selfie Stick:

Are you going to take selfies on your cruise? More than you can imagine! That is why you want to optimize your photo taking with a selfie stick. Remember, these work both ways. They’re great to get that extension for group shots but they also help capture the amazing vistas you’ll be seeing. Just be sure to practice using them at home. You don’t want to struggle with figuring out how it works and miss your shot.

Waterproof Camera Case

There are specifically designed waterproof video cameras that let you take your camera under the sea for some amazing photo and video opportunities. There are also slip cases that let you slide you phone in and allow you to use your camera on your phone.  You don’t want to go to all the trouble of learning how to scuba dive without being able to take a picture underwater!

Power Strip

Many cruise cabins are notorious for their lack of outlets. A power strip can be just what you need to keep all your devices charged. Did you know that there are circular power strips which won’t take up much room in your suitcase? Well worth the investment.


A decent pair of binoculars brings the ocean action and land scenery up close. They’re a lot of fun for watching whales or dolphins. You can even check out the mountain ranges and other objects of interest at your ports of call.


If you don’t have a translator app on your phone, then you can get a handheld translator. Welcome to the future where you should never have a language barrier again! These are great for asking directions and ordering in restaurants on shore. They’re also just plain cool.

Investing in these gadets for your cruise will also come in handy when you’re back home. Plus you’ll be ready for your next cruise!