Have you ever been across the “pond?” England is a fantastic place to visit and its chock full of history. You might also come back from London and rethink your entire home or you could discover there is no place like home. Either way, it’s interesting to see when it comes to home gadgets, who has cooler stuff?

Washer/Dryer Kitchen

The ability to do laundry in the home is a welcome treat for anyone who has lived in an apartment or had to go to a laundromat. Now you can do a load any time of the day or night. The Brits have gone on step better. Their washing machine is actually in the kitchen. That means no need for an extra laundry room space. Plus, it’s a single unit. Wash your clothes and then flip a switch and the machine converts to a dryer. Translation: You never have to unload wet clothes again.

Hoovering vs. Dysoning

For a long while, the Hoover vacuum was the only vacuum to have. In fact, in the U.K., they actually call vacuuming hoovering as in, “Can you hoover the rugs?” That was before the Dyson vacuum cleaner was introduced a few years ago. You’ve probably seen the ads over here with a decidedly British spokesperson. Well, now Dyson vacuums are way more popular in the United Kingdom that they might switch to Dysoning.

Electric Socket Switch

In a lot of U.K. homes, there is a switch on the electric socket. This lets you turn off power with a flip of a switch. That is actually a good way to save on energy. In the British bathrooms, most of the electric sockets are located in the light bar above the mirror. This keeps the plugs for razors, curling irons and hair dryers far away from running water and that’s a good thing.

Free HD

The only way to watch television is in high definition. That is why the standard TVs are all becoming HDTVs. However, all that definition comes at a price. Typically, there were two tiers of channels from cable providers: Standard and HD. To get the HD you have to pay extra but not in the U.K. There are many of free HD channels provided to customers. We still have more channels, so we win but it would be nice to get a break on the cable bill.